We offer spinnerets, spinpacks, spinneret inspection systems, visual inspection systems, basis weight, moisture, fiber orientation, testing instruments and more.


Stainless steel spinnerets for melt blown or spun bond non-woven as well as water strips for spun laced fabrics can be manufactured and supplied according to customer’s specification and drawing up to 5.6 meters length.

Spin packs

Spinneret Inspection Systems

  • Improve product quality and avoid secondary product problems
  • Save labor cost
  • Used as factory-entry quality detection for new spinneret
  • Determine the usage years and quality of old spinnerets
  • Assess the yield rate of cleaning equipment
  • Instantly assess and improve abnormal spinning process phenomena
  • Recover equipment costs within a short time

Spunlace Jet Strips


Jet Strip Inspection Systems


Extruder Screen Packs


Online Quality Control Systems




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