Film Testing

As Lenzing Instruments's exclusive representative for North America, we offer the full line of state-of-the-art film testing instruments. 

Film Thickness : LEFT 500

LEFT 500 gives you a quick, easy and accurate way of measuring the film thickness and evenness along and/or across production direction

  • Measurement according to DIN and ISO standards
  • Very reliable
  • Simple handling
  • Long experience
  • Complies with standards DIN 53370 and DIN 55543.

Shrinkage : TST1

Testing instrument for determination of shrinkage and shrinkage force of films, nonwovens, laminated products and fabrics

  • Up to 50 mm wide samples
  • Temperature range: 45°C to 300°C
  • Automatic measurement procedure – no operator influence
  • Specially designed oven – no ambient influence
  • Numerous analysis possibilities
  • Easy operation

Shrinkage : TST2

Automated measurement of shrinkage and shrink force of two samples at the same time

  • Highest efficiency by testing two samples in one test run
  • Shrinkage and shrink force (one sample each)
  • Shrinkage (one or two samples)
  • Shrinkage force (one or two samples)
  • Temperature ramps possible
  • Fully automated measurement
  • Recording the entire test – displaying corresponding graphs
  • Complies with ASTM D4974, D5591 and EN 13844

Shrinkage : TST510

Automated measurement of percent shrinkage and shrinkage force of 10 samples simultaneously

  • Highly efficient and automatic testing of up to 10 samples in one test run
  • Simultaneous testing of either percent shrinkage or shrinkage force on different samples during one and the same test cycle
  • Set temperatures or temperature ramps
  • Individually programmable test cycles
  • Graphic real time monitoring of the test procedure.

Visual Inspection : FIS 200

The Film Inspection System offers automatic online inspection of films and laminated products

  • Detection of physical and optical defects
  • Detection of holes, contamination, transparency, gels
  • FIS 200 permanently monitors the production process and reports drifts, defects in real time
  • Strictly modular system with a variety of illuminations, camera systems and software modules yielding in adaptability to the vast variety of plastic films

Area Weight & Thickness : SCIENTA-F

Process monitoring of area weight and thickness of plastic films and coated products

  • Online measurement
  • Sensors for a wide range of area weights
  • For PP and PES films: sensors based on Near Infrared Light
  • All sensor and scanner support electronics are integrated in the scanner frame
  • Durable, stable and temperature insensitive scanners

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