For this process we offer many items such as aspirator guns, friction discs, tension sensors, twist stops, interlace jets, ceramic guides and spare parts for almost all machine types.

String-up Aspirators

We supply aspirators for all types of applications and processes.

  • Barmag
  • Rieter-Scragg
  • Mayco
  • Himson
  • ICBT

Interlace Jets

We have a range of interlance jets available in various sizes for all applications.

Friction Discs

We carry conTEX friction disks and yarn contacting elements for:
  • Barmag
  • TMT
  • ICBT
  • Rieter
  • Giudicci
  • Temco units


Twist Stops

Ceramic twist stops -- Stops the twist!

  • Snapfit technology
  • All matching adaptions
  • Constant yarn quality at high speeds (PA, PET, PEB, PP...)
  • All yarn counts
  • All yarn profiles and lustre


Tension Sensors


Online Sensors

We carry online sensors for determing Denier, Interlace, Spin-finish, and Broken Filaments.

Ceramic Guides

We offer a wide range of ceramic guides, pigtails, traverse guides.

Spin Finish Applicators

We supply high performance spin finish applicators with a long life.
Click Here for our Finish Applicator Brochure

Spare Parts

We offer spare parts for all types of texturing machines, including:

  • Barmag
  • Rieter-Scragg
  • ICBT
  • Murata

Click Here for our List of Texturing Machine Spare Parts •  Texturing_Parts_List.pdf
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