Heddles, Leno, Drop Wires, & Harness Frames

We offer all weaving prepartion items: hook reeds, cross reeds, leasing combs, expansion combs, reed hooks, drawing hooks, etc.


  • Flat reeds
  • Profiled reeds
  • Hook reeds
  • Cross and Leasing reeds
  • Expansion Combs

Click Here for our Reed & Comb Catalogue

Harness Frames

  • Riderless frames
  • Rider frames
  • Projectile frames
  • Integrated frames
  • Heavy Fabrics and Paper Making frames

All harness frames are made-to-order per customer specs. 


  • Flat Steel Heddles • Click Here for our Flat Steel Heddle Catalogue
  • Twin Wire Heddles • Click Here for our Twin Wire Heddle Catalogue

Drop Wires

We offer drop wires of every variety, shape, and size • Click Here for our Drop Wire Catalogue

Warp Stop Motions

We offer warp stop motions for standard and carbon applications  Click Here for our Warp Stop Motions Catalogue

Air Jet Cleaners

We offer a wide selection of air jet cleaners • Click Here for our Air Jet Cleaners Catalogue

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