Synthetic Fibers and Yarns

We offer spinnerets, screens, godets, separator rolls, tension sensors, online quality monitoring sensors, interlace jets, aspirator guns, ceramic guides and more.



We supply spinnerets for all types of processes:

  • Melt Spinning
    • Monofilaments
    • Multifilaments
    • Staple Fiber
    • Bi-components
  • Dry & Wet Spinning
  • Spin Packs

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  Spin packs     


Cleaning Needles 

Cleaning Needles are precious tools for supporting cleaning efforts in the spinneret life cycle. Between the individual cleaning steps in a spinneret's cleaning circle, cleaning needles can be used to remove remaining tough impurities in the capillaries.

Our cleaning needles are handmade fine tools, created exactly according the capillary dimensions they are used for. This guarantees no remnants of dirt in damaging size in capillaries.


Screens & Gaskets

We supply screens & gaskets for all types of extrusion lines for monofilament, BCF, Industrial yarns, staple fiber, slit film, etc.


Stainless Steel Sand

               Stainless steel sand


Spinneret Inspection Machines

  • Improve product quality and avoid secondary product problems
  • Save labor cost
  • Used as factory-entry quality detection for new spinneret
  • Determine the usage years and quality of old spinnerets
  • Assess the yield rate of cleaning equipment
  • Instantly assess and improve abnormal spinning process phenomena
  • Recover equipment costs within a short time



Online Sensors for Crimp, Denier, Broken Filaments, Interlace, Spin Finish, & Tension

  • Precise classification of broken filaments and fluff
  • Fully compatible with previous versions of the Fraytec sensor
  • Data communication either via SPS or PC
  • Plausability control for reliable measurement data
  • Lightning control eliminates any influence of surrounding light sources
  • PROMPT FFD can be integrated in Lenzing Instruments online control system PROMPT



Slitting Blades

Godets & Separator Rolls

Ceramic Guides

Scissors & Ring Knives


Aspirator String Up Guns

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