Automatic Backwash Filters

ViscoFil - High Viscosity Filter

The ViscoFil® system is a fully automatic, continuous depth filtration system. A sintered metal fleece is used as the filtration layer of the multi-layer cylindrical screen. This depth filter fleece layer captures various sized and shaped solid particles. After the predetermined degree of solids contamination has been reached, the screen is cleaned via a systematic backwashing of small sections in a circular rotation pattern. Filtration continues during the backwash process.

  • Highestviscosity (up to 200,000 cP) 
  • Filter fineness down to 3 μm absolute with stainless-steel fleece
  • High filtration efficiency at high flow rate
  • Filter material service life up to two years and 80,000 backwashes
  • Practically no operation expense

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OptiFil - Low Viscosity Filter

The OptiFil® filter is a fully automatic, continuous backwash filtration system capable of capturing solids as fine as 1 micron. It can achieve this fine filtration level as a result of a patented backwash mechanism design that prevents solids bypass. In the center of the OptiFil® multi-layer cylindrical screen lies one single filter media layer. That layer is available in metal fabric, sintered stainless steel fleece or woven synthetic media, all in a multitude of micron ratings. Solid contaminants are either retained inside depth media or on top of surface media. After the preset pressure drop across the OptiFil has been reached, the backwash mechanism is triggered and the screen is cleaned methodically in a matter of seconds via backwash. An extremely small percentage of the process flow is used at any given moment for backwashing purposes, therefore the reject volume is extremely low. The filtration process continues throughout the backwash sequence.

  • Filter fineness down to 3 μm absolute with stainless-steel fleece
  • Filter fineness of 1 μm in special applications
  • Throughput up to 700 m³/h
  • High solid content at lowest reject quantity (patented)
  • Low investment costs
  • Practically unlimited filter material service life
  • Practically no operation expense

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CanFil - Candle Filter  

The CanFil filter is a fully automatic, backwash system that operates continuously. Small diameter wedgewire or metal fiber fabric candles are used to capture solid particles on their inside surface. After a preset pressure differential has been reached as a result of solids build-up on the surface of the candles, one or alternatively two candles are isolated and cleaned at a time. During this step, a small volume of unfiltered fluid is used for backwashing while filtration continues during the sequence. 

  • Filter fineness down to 50 μm
  • High throughput up to 10,000 m³/h
  • For low solid content and high quantity of water
  • Low investment costs
  • Practically no operation expenses

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