Vario Modular Hose


Keep cool with the variable segmented hose system!

The LEGROM®-VARIO SYSTEM and its typical green/yellow and black/yellow color combinations has been a byword for precision and accuracy for over 25 years.  ONE idea - 1000 solutions: Universal flexibility and accuracy.


  • When using liquid coolants and lubricants for turning, drilling, grinding, milling, and EDM
  • During suction extraction of liquids, dust, vapor, and smoke
  • When blowing out chip material during machining of workpieces


Segmented Hose System

  • Available in 3 sizes: 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch
  • All sizes can be cobined together with adaptors
  • One or more nozzle(s) can be operated simultaneously by adding a junction to a single connection
  • Flexibility of individual system parts enables free positioning and tight bend radii

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1/4 inch segment

1/4" segment
7.0 mm

1/2 inch segment

1/2" segment
12.7 mm

3/4 inch segment

3/4" segment
18.5 mm

System Ø Bore Diameter Flow Rate Max. Pressure* Min. Bend Radius
1/4" 7.0 mm 16 lt/min 6 bar 29 mm
1/2" 12.7 mm 32 lt/min 6 bar 38 mm
3/4" 18.5 mm 72 lt/min 6 bar 45 mm
*Maximum pressure is governed by numerous facotrs, including hose length, nozzle size, and bend radius (according to LEGROM® test method)


Coolant Systems

  • Offer variable solutions
  • Available in 5 different types
  • With Submersible Pump
    • 15 to 30 liter tank
    • Max. delivery rate of 600 lt/hr (10 lt/min) to 1200 lt/hr (20 lt/min)
    • Max. delivery head 1.5m/WS to 2.0m/WS
    • Horizontal submersible pump in tank, 230V, 50Hz, 10m power cable, Schuko Euro standard plug (only in Germany)
  • With Attached Pump
    • 30 to 40 liter tank
    • Max. delivery rate 2940 lt/hr (49 lt/min)
    • Max. delivery head 5.0 m
    • Attached pump 230 / 400V Euro standard, 50Hz, 0.12kW

Click Here for our Legrom Vario Modular Hose Catalogue


With Submersible Pump

With Attached Pump


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