Shredding Systems

We offer a wide range of shredding systems for paper, hard disk drives, universal, disintegration, metal and plastic chips.

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With its various possibilities of infeeding devices and material exits we complete our range of heavy duty shredders type DC. The JBF DC 50/43 is layed out to shred single paper sheets as well as continuous paper lists and books. Included staples and paper clips are no problems for the special designed and hardened cutting shafts.


Hard Disc Drives & Flash Media:

These types of shredding machine are designed for the shredding of hard discs (HDD and SSD), CD/DVD, video tapes, typewriter ribbon, retaining tape etc. With their reduced overall width of 760 – 780 mm they were designed to pass through standard doors.


Univeral Shredders:

  • CD/DVDs, computer hard drives and boards, carbon tapes
  • paper, card boards, files completely filled
  • tin and plastic cans
  • PET bottles
  • wood, wooden boxes, pallets
  • domestic waste
  • metal and plastic chips
  • car/truck tires
  • glass
  • industrial waste
  • cables and electronic waste
  • plastic housings


Beneficial and proven technology

With the actual trend of increasing security requirements in industrial applications and established top security requirements at government entities and the security printing sector, documents need to be cut to tiny particles. Disintegrators are equipped with one cutting shaft, the so-called rotor, and use the same rugged knives for all security levels. Between rotor knives (sitting on the rotor) and static bed knives (sitting in the chassis) the shredding material is cut into randomly sized pieces like in a chipper. A screen below the rotor keeps all shreds within the cutting chamber around the rotor until they are cut small enough to pass through the holes of the screen and drop into a hopper under the screen. Exchanging the screen with another one with different perforation allows to adapt the final shred size of a disintegrator within a few minutes time. Usually the shreds are vacuumed and transported by an air-system and collected in plastic bags or compressed in mobile compactors or briquetting presses.
JBF Disintegrators are perfectly adapted for reliable and economic destruction of paper + plastic materials like paper documents, secure documents like passports or bank notes, magnetic media like plastic cards or floppy disks as well as optical media like CD´s or DVD´s.


Metal and Plastic chips:

Outstanding technology and reliable concepts: we offer a fitting cutting system for each duty. Whether a centralized or if a decentralized solution will be requested, cutting systems manufactured by JBF will be the essential part of a production management strategy of each production tool. Adapted to the according waste material and the requested throughput, they are an integral part of each production system with its specific needs. Sturdy design, long tool life and low maintenance and service effort enable outstanding efficiency and profitability.  Slow-rotating cutting shafts and being integrated into a massive machine frame, effectuate a low-wear and low-noise operation. Standard or customized collecting containers can be foreseen underneath the solid superstructure.



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