Automatic Self-cleaning Filters


The Lenzing ScrapeFil uses a cylindrical wedge wire screen to remove solid contaminants. The solids are captured on the outside surface of the screen as a result of an outside-to-inside flow of fluid. The wedge wire screen continuously rotates and is in contact with one single spring actuated scraper blade which serves to scrape off captured from outside surface of the screen, such that they fall into the conical sump of the housing. The geometric profile of the wedge wire strips that are welded together to form the screen dictate the micron rating of the screen as well as ist cleaning efficiency. A valve located at the bottom of the housing is actuated on a regular interval (timed) basis to discharge solids that have been removed by the scraper blade.


  • Filter fineness down to 50 µm
  • Excellent for viscous fluids
  • Can filter fluids having a high solids content

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