Cake and Precoat Filtration


The Lenzing CakeFil is a fully automatic self-cleaning tubular pressure filtration system, otherwise known as a candle filter. This sophisticated filtration technology is centered around cake building, that is, a cake of solid contaminants in the liquid stream builds on each of the porous cake support cloths that cover the full length of the candle elements. This results in the cakes themselves becoming the filter media through which the clean liquid (filtrate) passes. Since the cake`s solids are size graduated, that is, the largest particles are in contact with the cloth and smaller ones are further away, very fine filtration is possible. Specifically, 1 micron filtration is achievable without filter aid and 0.5 microns is possible with filter aid. Captured solids can either retained or discarded as waste. The waste discharge can either be "dry to the touch" (around 40-50 % moisture content) following the automatic blowdown step or in pumpable wet slurry form. An automatic cake wasting step (prior to cake blowdown step) is also possible in the case of the dry cake discharge design. The sophisticated design of the filter candles used by Lenzing ensures uniform cake structure, thus fine filtration, as well as efficient cake discharge.

Precoat Filtration - Advantages

  • Filtration down to 0.5 microns with filter aid

  • Suitable for corrosive fluids

  • Dry-to-the-touch as well as slurry discharge


Cake Filtration - Advantages

  • Filter fineness down to 1 µm without filter aid

  • Solid contents in the liquid feed of up to 10% in specific cases and operating conditions

  • Efficient cake discharge

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