Craft Yarn Processing

We offer a wide range of equipment and machines for producing hand knit yarns and skein dyeing operations

Reeling Machines

HB 500 sets standards for the reeling of fine and course yarns

  • Highly precise traverse motion
  • Up-to-date control system on a platform of industrial PCs
  • Presents the best reeling results
  • Available with automatic leasing device CLT

Haspelmaschine HB 500               


Steaming Machines

Reliable handling for fine and middle-size yarns

  • Trouble-free operation
  • High output
  • Low residual shrinkage rate
Feingarndämpfer Typ FG

Balling Machines

Manual and Automatic balling machines for different types and shapes

Peripheral Machines for Balling

ED1000 Automatic Band Making Station

Folding and glueing of pre-printed ball bands

  • Optional with external label printer for supplying one or several band making stations


MK100 Sample Shade Card Machine

Cutting to size and gumming of sample threads onto cards

  • Standard 72 sample threads
  • Optional Upgrade to 120 sample threads
  • Single- or double-side sample cards possible


T10 Can Filling Machine

To store voluminous or sensitive yarns after bulking and before balling


Yarn Accumulators

Type SP

  • Creates a large yarn reserve for subsequent processes
  • Balances typical yarn tension oscillation when feeding out of big hanks or cones

Type ST and S

  • After having passed a steaming machine, high-shrinking yarns will be stretched in variable stretching rates
  • Available as type S without stretching device


BA/BAG Banding Machines

Automatic banding device BA works inline with the balling machine KW 800 


                                    Banderolenautomat ED 1000




                          Tonnenfüllmaschine T

                      SP 100 Garnspeicher

Packaging Machines

Manual and automatic packaging of hand-knit balls

VPB 200



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