We offer spinnerets, spinpacks, spinneret inspection systems, visual inspection systems, basis weight, moisture, fiber orientation, testing instruments and more.

Nonwoven Spinnerets & Spunlace Jet Strips

Stainless steel spinnerets for melt blown or spun bond non-woven as well as water strips for spun laced fabrics can be manufactured and supplied according to customer’s specification and drawing up to 5.6 meters length.

Spin packs

Screen Packs & Gaskets

SEE - Filtration Products

Spinneret Inspection Systems

  • Improve product quality and avoid secondary product problems
  • Save labor cost
  • Used as factory-entry quality detection for new spinneret
  • Determine the usage years and quality of old spinnerets
  • Assess the yield rate of cleaning equipment
  • Instantly assess and improve abnormal spinning process phenomena
  • Recover equipment costs within a short time





Steelman Burn Off Ovens

Steelman Advanced Burn-off Ovens are used in the Plastics and Fiber Industries across the country. Used to clean molds, dies, screws, bowls, tooling, and safely remove thermoplastics, rubber, and polymers, our ovens can accommodate your needs. Steelman Advanced Burn-off Ovens can be equipped with Chart Recorders, Programmable Controllers, PLC or Computer Communication interfaces in order to measure and control precise temperature and time requirements determined by your specific product needs.

Our burn-off ovens are equipped with patented top down heating system allowing for uniform temperature within the oven, lower particulate emissions, and control of the hottest part of the oven. Our burn-off ovens are also fitted with a patented system called the Automatic Process System which eliminates operator error using an Automatic Cycle Time System and a Three-Level Safety System.

                  Burn Off Ovens

Blue Wave Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

The ultimate method to effectively clean your woven and non-woven tooling.
The process you use to clean your tooling is a critical factor that directly effects the efficiency of your business. Blue Wave works with textile manufacturers to achieve an effective cleaning process after a burn off.  Ultrasonically cleaning your spinnerettes, breaker plates and extrusion tooling is fast, reliable and 100% effective.  Plus, ultrasonic cleaning eliminates the danger of using and disposing of hazardous solvents or fluidized salt baths.



Online Quality Control Systems

SEE - Testing / Nonwovens

Circular Blade Cutting Systems 


Our cutting modules are manufactured according to customer requirements and delivered in different versions. We generally differentiate between edge cutting modules and cutting modules. Edge cutting modules only have two cutting units in contrast to cutting modules that can have any number of knives.

It can be cut with squeeze knives, ultrasonic sonotrodes or hot-cut pistons.

We manufacture the modules so that they e.g. can be integrated into existing machines such as goods inspection machines or behind stenter frames. Edge removal is optional.


Circular Cutting Systems & Blades

- Can be executed as a smooth cut, serrated cut or wave cut

- Standard cutting angle: 30 ° / 45 ° / 60 °

Outside ∅ (mm) Inside ∅ (mm) Thickness (mm) for Holder Width
77   17 / 19 / 22 5.2 9.0
100 17 / 19 / 22 5.2 9.0
77 17 / 19 / 22 6.35 12.7 / 15.0
100 17 / 19 / 22 6.35 12.7 / 15.0
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