Synthetic Fibers and Yarns

We offer spinnerets, screens, godets, separator rolls, tension sensors, online quality monitoring sensors, interlace jets, aspirator guns, ceramic guides and more.



We supply spinnerets for all types of processes:

  • Melt Spinning
    • Monofilaments
    • Multifilaments
    • Staple Fiber
    • Bi-components
  • Dry & Wet Spinning
  • Spin Packs

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  Spin packs     


Cleaning Needles 

Cleaning Needles are precious tools for supporting cleaning efforts in the spinneret life cycle. Between the individual cleaning steps in a spinneret's cleaning circle, cleaning needles can be used to remove remaining tough impurities in the capillaries.

Our cleaning needles are handmade fine tools, created exactly according the capillary dimensions they are used for. This guarantees no remnants of dirt in damaging size in capillaries.


Screens & Gaskets

We supply a wide variety of screens & gaskets for all types of extrusion lines for monofilament, BCF, Industrial yarns, staple fiber, slit film, etc.


Stainless Steel Sand

               Stainless steel sand


Spinneret Inspection Machines

We offer a complete range of inspections systems for all types of spinnerets ranging from simple manual systems, to completely automated versions.

  • Improve product quality and avoid secondary product problems
  • Save labor cost
  • Used as factory-entry quality detection for new spinneret
  • Determine the usage years and quality of old spinnerets
  • Assess the yield rate of cleaning equipment
  • Instantly assess and improve abnormal spinning process phenomena
  • Recover equipment costs within a short time



Spinneret Spray and Spin Finishes

RELEASE AGENT 96 is a highly efficient separating agent which has been developed specially for spinnerets in production of synthetic fibres and filaments.

  • allows for long Cleaning Cycles
  • highly efficient

Schill+Seilacher develops, manufactures and sells tailor-made spin finishes and lubricants, antistatic agents, as well as auxiliaries, such as bactericides, antifoams, spinneret sprays, heater cleaning  agents and flame retardants, for the production and downstream use of staple fibres, filaments and nonwovens made of polyamide (PA), polyester (PET, PLA, and PTT), polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), rayon (CV), and acetate (CA). Many years of experience and innovative technology ensure the production and downstream processing at maximum speed and highest quality standards for our customers with Schill+Seilacher spin finishes. Our products are marketed under the brand names LIMANOL, DRYFI, SILASTOL, UKANOL, POLYFIX, AFROTIN, DESPUMOL, and RELEASE AGENT. As an approved and reliable technology partner we support our customers around the world to meet their specific requirements, such as hydrophilicity, hydrophobicity, softness or crunchy touch, or any other kind of speciality for yarns and filaments. 


Online Sensors for Crimp, Denier, Broken Filaments, Interlace, Spin Finish, & Tension

  • Precise classification of broken filaments and fluff
  • Fully compatible with previous versions of the Fraytec sensor
  • Data communication either via SPS or PC
  • Plausability control for reliable measurement data
  • Lightning control eliminates any influence of surrounding light sources
  • PROMPT FFD can be integrated in Lenzing Instruments online control system PROMPT



Steelman Preheat and Burn Off Ovens

Steelman Advanced Burn-off Ovens are used in the Plastics and Fiber Industries across the country. Used to clean molds, dies, screws, bowls, tooling, and safely remove thermoplastics, rubber, and polymers, our ovens can accommodate your needs. Steelman Advanced Burn-off Ovens can be equipped with Chart Recorders, Programmable Controllers, PLC or Computer Communication interfaces in order to measure and control precise temperature and time requirements determined by your specific product needs.

Our burn-off ovens are equipped with patented top down heating system allowing for uniform temperature within the oven, lower particulate emissions, and control of the hottest part of the oven. Our burn-off ovens are also fitted with a patented system called the Automatic Process System which eliminates operator error using an Automatic Cycle Time System and a Three-Level Safety System.

Burn Off Ovens


Pyrolysis Cleaning Ovens (Vacuum Cleaning Oven)

We can offer all the various spare parts for these type ovens such as:

  • Catalytic Converter KT90
  • Distance Ring with groove for catalytic converter
  • Stainless Steel Sleeve for catalytic agent
  • Seal Rings
  • Flow Meter
  • Magnetic Valves
  • Solvo Heater 7.0kW
  • Handles & Knobs


Blue Wave Ultrasonic Systems

The ultimate method to effectively clean your woven and non-woven tooling.
The process you use to clean your tooling is a critical factor that directly effects the efficiency of your business. Blue Wave works with textile manufacturers to achieve an effective cleaning process after a burn off.  Ultrasonically cleaning your spinnerettes, breaker plates and extrusion tooling is fast, reliable and 100% effective.  Plus, ultrasonic cleaning eliminates the danger of using and disposing of hazardous solvents or fluidized salt baths.

Blue Wave Advantages for the Textile Industry.
Knowledge – Beginning in the 1950s, we’ve made ultrasonic cleaning systems and detergents that succeed in every environment.  Our experience is the key to providing you the best cleaning solution.  We have the advantage of making the longest lasting and most effective ultrasonic tanks in the world, but our expertise and passion is delivering systems that are the best possible solution for your business.
Durability – Blue Wave ultrasonic cleaning systems are designed to perform at the highest level in the most demanding industrial cleaning environments around the world.  We know our systems are expected to operate for longer hours at higher temperatures, while cleaning to the highest standards, and we still offer the very best warranty in the ultrasonic cleaning industry (and its not even close).   How?  We utilize the highest quality materials and the most proven techniques while administering the most stringent quality testing.
Flexibility – Our ability to adapt to your specific cleaning needs is unparalleled.  If one of our standard systems won’t completely fit your needs, we work with you to engineer a custom design will be the very best option to maximize your cleaning efficiency.  From the tank size to detergent formulation to automation, the experts at Blue Wave will create a dependable cleaning solution that stays within your budget and delivers exceptional results.
Service – Our systems are designed, manufactured and tested at our company headquarters located in Davenport, Iowa USA.  The same experts who who helped design your system are the people who service your system after the sale.  We know the efficiency of your production process can depend on our ability to respond to your inquiries.  Your success is our priority.
Return on Investment – Ultrasonic cleaning in general provides a favorable return on investment when compared to your existing conventional cleaning methods.  The least expensive ultrasonic equipment will typically make more financial sense than paying for the labor needed to hand scrub your parts.  However, is is price the only thing you should consider?  Blue Wave specializes in making industrial systems that work for decades.  Long after inferior systems deteriorate, a Blue Wave system will still be going strong.   Our quality is a trustworthy investment that keeps paying off, year after year.

Cleaning Chemicals


BCF Extrusion Spare Parts

for Rieter and Swisstex

Lamellas: 5.4 or 6/14  
Lamella Holders  
Separator Rolls
Various Electronic Spare Parts and Control Systems  
Interlace Jets  
Proximity Switches  


  • Slitting Blades
  • Godets & Separator Rolls
  • Guide Rollers
  • Ceramic Guides & Eyelets
  • Scissors & Ring Knives
  • Aspirator String Up Guns

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