For this process we offer many items such as aspirator guns, friction discs, tension sensors, twist stops, interlace jets, ceramic guides and spare parts for almost all machine types.

String-up Aspirators

We supply aspirators for all types of applications and processes.

  • Barmag
  • Rieter-Scragg
  • Mayco
  • Himson
  • ICBT


Interlace Jets

We have a range of interlance jets available in various sizes for all applications.


Twist Stops

Ceramic twist stops -- Stops the twist!

  • Snapfit technology
  • All matching adaptions
  • Constant yarn quality at high speeds (PA, PET, PEB, PP...)
  • All yarn counts
  • All yarn profiles and lustre

Click here for the Twist Stop Brochure

Tension Sensors

We carry tension sensors for online determination of the absolute tension on the running yarn.

Online Sensors

We carry online sensors for determing Denier, Interlace, Spin-finish, and Broken Filaments.


Ceramic Guides

We offer a wide range of ceramic guides, pigtails, traverse guides.

Spin Finish Applicators

We supply high performance spin finish applicators with a long life.
Click Here for our Finish Applicator Brochure

Ceramic Discs

Our high-performance discs are outstandingly well proven, and can be adapted easily for all well-known spindle units, as Barmag, Rieter ICBT, Rieter Scragg, ICBT, RPR, TMT, Temco, and Himson suitable for processing PA, PET, PP, PBT and PTT yarns.

Our solid ceramic friction discs have many decisive advantages when compared with other disc materials.

Spare Parts

We offer spare parts for all types of texturing machines, including:

  • Barmag
  • Rieter-Scragg
  • ICBT
  • Murata

Click Here for our List of Texturing Machine Spare Parts 








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