We offer creels of all types for weaving technical fabrics such as glass, quartz, carbon, kevlar, etc. 

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Mechanically braked creels


Patented system for constant tension regulation
In the latest TEXMER creels a weight-dependent brake keeps the yarn tension constant – keeping the tension even from the full to the empty bobbin. The patented tension balancing system can be set exactly to the requirements of every production process through the selection of different brake discs and a great number of adjusting possibilities. The construction works practically without wear and requires a minimum of maintenance.


  • Tire Cord
  • Carbon fiber processing

Pneumatically braked creels


Pneumatic, reliable, fast
TEXMER is pleased to accept any challenge: our customers‘ individual wishes have led to the development of high-quality pneumatically braked creels that are part of the standard range today. The pneumatic system is characterized by short response times, high operational safety and extremely low wear. The quick-stop controller can be coupled with practically every process. In addition, an optical diameter control secures trouble-free operations. Adapters can be supplied to fit nearly all standard pins.

Carbon Creels

Carbon – material of the future
Most important thing for unwinding carbon fibres is a maximum material protection, and a slightest possible number of constant points is essential.


Initial Twist / Flanged Bobbin Creels


Solutions for particularly flexible production installations
Depending on the production process, the required work sequence or construction preconditions the TEXMER team also realizes installations in special construction forms, e.g. creels hanging from rails, or creels with overhead drawing off. The TEXMER design team takes up all challenges and fulfils individual customer requirements down to the last detail.


Over-end Unwinding Creels

Glass Roving Creels


Special solutions for the fibreglass processing industry
Creels for fibreglass processing have to have special features, e.g. the rovings are drawn off from the inside. With the very low yarn tensions exact control is particularly important. In the TEXMER creel the yarn is drawn off as far as possible without deflection and comes into contact with the creel as little as possible.

Electronically Controlled Creels


Electronically controlled unwinding unit (EGA®)
This unwinding unit enables a uniform thread drawing-off. That means that once adjusted the controlling unit will maintain the required thread tension by accelerating or decelerating the motor throughout the entire time of operation.


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