Fabric Testing

Spin Finish : Oil Extraction

Manual apparatus to determine oil content of fibers, yarn and nonwovens

  • Digital temperature controller
  • Reaches the required set points in about 15 minutes

Martindale Abrasion and Pilling

To determine the abrasion and pilling resistance of all kinds of textile structures

  • Test up to 6 samples at one time

Pilling Tester

To determine the pilling formation on knitted fabrics

  • Rotating at the speed of 30rpm or 60rpm
  • Equipped with 2 or 4 boxes 
  • Cork lined boxes

Round Fabric Sample Cutter

To cut circular fabric samples, paper, leather, etc.

  • Sample size = 100cm²
  • Replacement Blades available
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Light Boxes

For the visual inspection of color under international standard lighting conditions

Each cabinet features 4 light types:

  • D65 - flourescent - temp. 6500K
  • TL84/P15 - point of sale - temp. 4000K
  • F - filament - temp. 2700K
  • UVB - ultra violet - temp. 365 n-meter


To determine color fastness to water and perspiration of textile fabrics


Forced Hot Air Ovens

Professional forced ventilation and natural air convection oven

  • Ideal for all thermostatic applications where a specific precision is needed
  • Temperature range up to 280°C
  • Available in 7 different sizes

Solar Box

Radiant energy in the Solar Box is provided by a single air-cooled Xenon lamp


To determine the color fastness of textiles to dry or wet rubbing

  • Includes a crocking finger of 16mm diameter and square 25.4 x 19m
  • Electric and hand operated models available

Stamping Presses

of all types and sizes.  Manual, hydraulic, etc.

Pressure: 25 tons

Cutting Area: 500mm


Schwenkarmstanze SAS 500 gebraucht

Cutting Dies

Punching dies of all shapes and sizes are available depending on each customers individual needs.


Cutting Boards

Can be delivered in many shapes and sizes
Thickness: 5 or 10mm
Colors:  White, light grey, and natural colors




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