Spun Yarn Testing

Yarn Reel

To produce skeins of yarn of a pre-determined length to in order to calculate linear density

  • Electric or hand operated models available

Sliver and Roving Reel

  • Electric or hand operated models available
  • 1m or 1 yd


To determine the weight of yarns, ribbons and roving

  • Nm, Ne, Den, Tex and dtex
ALS 160-4A

Black Board Winder

To determine Neps, hairiness, and other imperfections of spun yarns


Twist Testing

To determine yarn twist in single or plied yarns

  • with S or Z twist
  • Length up to 20 inches
  • Electric or hand operated models available

Sample Shade Card Winder

To produce sample shade cards for color matching

  • Up to 8 yarns can be wound simultaneously with pre-determined length

Tensile Testing

Universal strength tester for analysis of force and elongation of yarns

  • Available in single position or automated testers


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