Staple Fiber Testing

As Lenzing Instruments' exclusive representative for North America, we offer the full line of state-of-the-art staple fiber testing instruments.

Linear Density : Vibroskop500

Automated and fast measurement of denier/dtex of staple fibers

  • Easy handling
  • Fast measurement
  • Flexible
  • Best used in combination with VIBRODYN 500
  • Reference instrument of international standards (ASTM D1577, DIN 53812 etc.)



Tensile : Vibrodyn500

Automated and easy measurement of tenacity and elongation of staple fibers

  • High efficiency
  • Easy operation
  • Fast handling
  • Highest flexibility
  • Best used in combination with VIBROSKOP 500
  • Complies with ASTM D3822, DIN EN ISO 5079, BISFA and AFNOR G 07-008


Crimp Stability : Vibrotex500

Automated and reproducible measurement of crimp stability, removing and recovering crimp, crimp regularity of staple fibers with evaluation based on long experience in production control and customer assistance

  • Best possible reproducibility
  • Highest accuracy
  • Praxis oriented evaluation
  • Long experience in application


Spin Finish : ALFA500

Spin finish level determination (OPU%), based on the extraction method - ppm of carbon particles

  • Measurement per sample only 3 minutes
  • Automatic measurement of 28 samples
  • Dissolvent is hot deionized water – no harmful chemicals


Spin Finish : NMR

Spin finish level determination (OPU%), based on the NMR method

  • Fast measurement – a few seconds per sample
  • Solvent free analysis
  • Special unbreakable sample tubes for fast and safe sample loading
  • The spin finish content may be analyzed with the   weighless method or the weighing method  


Spin Finish : Oil Extraction 

Manual apparatus to determine oil content of fibers, yarn and nonwovens.  Digital temp. controller reaches the required set points in about 15min.


Crimp : CIS300 

Online Crimp Inspection System

On-line inspection of crimp number and its distribution over the width and length of the tow. Also a laboratory version available.

  • Immediate feed-back on irregularities
  • ​Avoiding any second grade
  • Providing best constant product quality
  • Monitoring overall changes of fiber properties
  • Database for tracking back properties of delivered batches


Bulk : BT100

Bulk test for filling materials such as bulky staple fibers and bulky filament yarns


Moisture Content : BIS 

Bale Inpsection System

Measuring the bale moisture and its distribution within the bale to evaluate commercial mass of bale

  • measuring range from 1.5 to 20% relative moisture
  • bale must not be stopped for testing
  • detection of wet spots


Color : Vibrochrom 400

Automated measurement of whiteness and color values especially designed for high efficient production control covering the everyday needs of fiber productions

  • Easy handling
  • Highest reproducibility even with difficult sample surfaces
  • For staple fiber, filament, chips, powder, etc.
  • Professional evaluation and database
  • Long experience
  • Complies with ISO 2469 and DIN 5033

Abrasion : Delta 100

Abrasion testing of single cellulose fibers in wet condition in ordre to characterize the fibrillation behavior of cellulosic fibers.

Staple fiber testing Delta 100


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