Harness Frames, Heddles, Leno Heddles, Drop Wires, & Stop Motions

We offer all weaving prepartion and weaving items: harness frames, heddles, drop wires, tension devices, reed hooks, and many other accessories.

Harness Frames & Frame Parts

  • Riderless frames
  • Rider frames
  • Sulzer Projectile frames
  • Integrated frames
  • Heavy Fabrics and Paper Making frames
  • Carbon Fiber Harness Frames for High Speed applications

All harness frames are made-to-order per customer specifications.

We can also supply replacement parts, such as end braces, nose guides, drive elements, etc..

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  • Flat Steel Heddles 
  • Twin Wire Heddles 
  • Brazed Eye Heddles
  • Leno Heddles - plastic and stainless steel
  • Magnetic Leno Heddles
  • Plastic Heddles for water jet weaving
  • Jacquard Heddles & Cords


Drop Wires

We offer drop wires of every variety, shape, and size 

Open and closed types

Material can be either stainless steel or carbon steel with nickel plating.

• Click Here for our Drop Wire Catalogue


Warp Stop Motions

We offer warp stop motions for standard and carbon applications  Click Here for our Warp Stop Motions Catalogue

  • Rotating Stop Motion for delicate yarns, such as fiberglass, and Kevlar    Click Here
  • Standard Warp Stop Motions    Click Here
  • Stop Motion for Carbon Fibers, Type DCD    Click Here


Air Jet Cleaners

Airjet Cleaners are used in different textile machines in order to prevent contamination by dust and fly lint.
Particular advantages in comparison to similar systems,

  • the flat stream nozzles are laid out offering an optimal proportion between spraying effect and air consumption
  • continuous movement over the complete working width
  • small dimensions
  • cycle times and travel distance variably adjustable
  • stationary or mobile operation, simple assembly
  • working area adjustable
  • concentrated pressure on travelling nozzle.
  • Available up to a length of 5400 mm

The use of this cleaning system pays off in practical use by,

  • less machine stops
  • less personnel employment
  • reduced material waste.

 • Click Here for our Air Jet Cleaners Catalogue

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