Mezger Inc. is the sole representative for Takayama Reed in the US.  

Takayama Reed is a highly-esteemed Japanese reed maker that has been manufacturing superb reeds for more than 100 years.  Their products are recognized as the highest quality by weaving companies around the world, and they are exported all over the globe.


Tunnel Reeds for Air Jet Looms

  • For all Japanese loom brands as well as major European loom brands
  • Suitable, reliable surface and cross sectional conditions of the profile dents
    • Reduce contact resistance between the dents and the yarn
    • Enables higher standards of weaving
    • Dent choice between SUS 301 and SUS 420J2 is made after considering your fabric type and usage
  • Highly accurate assembly which is especially vital relationship to the stability of weft insertion
  • Offer the most suitable air flow for any combination of yarns, constructions and loom types

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Duraflex Flat Reeds for Projectile, Rapier and Shuttle Looms

  • Applicable for difficult-to-produce fabrics on water jet looms, rapier looms, and projectile looms
  • Superior Accuracy and Durability
  • Choosing only the highest quality materials, Takayama Duraflex Reeds are produced under exacting conditions resulting in only the highest quality product, meeting the precision and durability needs of even the most demanding weaving requirements
  • The reed of choice for even the most delicate filament yarns and the highest quality woven fabrics. Soldering process is not used, making Takayama Duraflex Reeds an environmentally friendly product
  • Comprehensive Product Range
  • Whatever your requirements in reed length, reed height, dent pitch, reed wire and channel types, surface treatment or other material specifications, Takayama Reed offers a comprehensive line of Duraflex Reed products to meet all needs in the worldwide textile industry

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Separator and Hook Reeds

For use in warp yarn preparation processes such as sizing, beaming, and warping

Expansion Board
  • Beam Warper Board with an originally designed expansion mechanism and a ceramic yarn guide developed for higher abrasion resistance
  • Higher Durability enables long life and stable performance during operation
  • Precise spacing of Reed Dents is according to customer specifications
  • Superior Abrasion Resistance -- The Ceramic yarn guide resists damage from glass fiber, full dull, high count yarn, fine denier, and exotic yarn configurations
  • Capability for High Density -- The Expansion mechanism enables a minimum pitch of 1.0mm with higher pitch accuracy
  • Wide Expandability -- 45% expandability is possible with stable condition using the Expansion Board; (Previous expanders with spring provide only 30% expandability)
  • Less Contact Resistance -- The Original Twisted Metal Plates with eyelets for the yarn angle reduce yarn contact resistance to minimum levels

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Hook Reeds

  • Use together with the Hook Reed Leasing Equipment to insure the proper arrangement of the warp yarns during the beaming process
  • Comes in two types:
    • Flat-dent type (top leasing operation) 
    • Round-pin type (bottom leasing operation)
  • Accurate and reliable -- Stable leasing process brings accurate and proper warp arrangement
  • High versatility -- Leasing for all kinds of yarns is possible and using for varieties of industrial fabric
  • Flat-Dent Type
    • Stable leasing is achieved due to a special treatment of the hook segment of the reed
    • This new design enables proper and effective top leasing operation
    • 12mm width dent is using for rigidity of the reed
  • Round-Pin Type
    • Due to the use of round pins contact resistance to the yarn is lowered, making this type of Hook Reed especially appropriate for delicate yarns which are highly susceptible to broken filaments

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Semi-Auto Leasing System for Hook Reeds

  • Hook Reeds are used with leasing equipment, and the vertical motion of the rod bar and the horizontal shifting of the Hook Reeds are partially automated. The motive power of the process is provided by only compressed air
  • This system is excellent equipment for energy savings
  • The height of the Hook Reeds leasing Equipment can be adjusted according to the height of the warp sheet
  • By moving the Hook Reeds forwards or backwards in relation to the leasing beams, the warp sheet’s shed can be adjusted
  • Specifications:
    Type TR-3000
    Air Supply Pressure 0.6Mpa or more
    Power Supply Not necessary

    Top hook or bottom hook leasing operation
    Combination of two models in one machine is not possible

    Max. Numbers of Dividing Rod

    Max. 16 dividing rods
    (If more than 16 rods required, negotiable)

    Surface Treatment of Dividing Rod Mat hard chromium plated
    * Slide Distance of Hook Reeds

    Max. 200mm
    (100mm for left and 100mm for right side)

    * Distance of Vertical Movement of Dividing Rod Depending on the customer’s request
    * Vertical Adjustment of Hook Reeds Max. 300mm
    * Size 2,700mm(W) x 2,000mm(D) x 2,000mm(H) for 16 dividing rods
    * Weight About 1,000kg for 16 dividing rods

    The item with (*) are standard for 16 dividing rods

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Super Expander 50

Characteristics of SUPER EXPANDER 50

Dual Motion

The central joint is designed to protect a constant warp pitch at that point while the left and right two-part expansion groups allow for adjustable spacing. (Pat. Pend.)

Real Straightness

The Super Expansion system employed allows for practically perfect, true alignment of yarns while allowing for 200% expandability, which means that results across wider widths have been greatly improved.

High precision

The combination of the Super Comb’s high precision pitch and the highly reliable joint structures result in amounts of expandability across the width of the comb while highly accurate warp yarn alignments are strictly maintained.

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Expander Sraight Comb

Characteristics of EXPANDERS

Expanders are used for the warping of spun yarn. By using a combination of flat dents (or piano wire) with mat hard chromium plating and double springs, the pitch and number of yarns can be freely adjusted.


  • Minimum Pitch 1.5㎜(wire) 1.8㎜(dents)
  • Maximum Number of Dents 1000
  • Expandability About 25%


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Back Reed

Characteristics of BACK REEDS

Back Reeds are mainly used for the warping of filament yarn. By using a combination of piano wire with mat hard chromium plating and double springs, the pitch and number of yarns can be freely adjusted.

  • Minimum Pitch 1.03㎜
  • Maximum Number 1500
  • Expanding Level About 30%

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Expansion Combs

Kinds of Expansion Combs

Workable Length:  50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 4inch , 6inch

Frame options:  Joint type  or   Non-Joint type

Shape of Tip:  Rounded  or  Pointed

Dividing Mechanism : SimpleStepType or LeasingType

Top Configuration:  Standard or  Fixed


Material Options

  • Piano Wire(SWP.A)
  • Stainless Steel(SUS304)

Surface Treatment Options

  • Mat hard chromium plated
  • Hard chromium plated

Commom Characteristics for All Options

Hardness over HV800

Plating thickness over 5μm

Types and Ranges of Expandability

Using two specially designed frame lengths, superior straightness can be achieved with 99.7% elongation of the total comb element length. This allows for easier yarn insertion and a range of pitch settings double that of previous expansion systems.

Super Expansion configuration at maximum elongation

Expansion Box

The Super Comb has increased accuracy in the area of the comb joints resulting in more stable pitch across the length of the expansion assembly like that of a straight comb.

The needles are arranged with micron-level accuracy using a digitally controlled machining process. The joint segments at both ends of the comb frame are also produced with the same digitally controlled machining process resulting in more stable reed segment connections and thicker framing around the end pins, preventing pin breakage in the area of the frame joints. A new frame joint configuration results in a greater range of angles between combs and increased maximum lengths. This solderless process makes the Super Combs much more environmentally friendly products than their previous versions.

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Kinds of Separator Combs

  • Straight Type
  • Variable Pin Height Type
  • Slanting Straight Type
  • For Tricot Use
  • Dividing Straight Types


※Frame Options



Surface Treatment Options

  • Mat hard chromium plated

  • Hard chromium plate

Common Characteristics for All Options

  • Hardness over HV800 

  • Plating thickness over 5μm

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Leasing Reeds

Kinds of Leasing Reeds

1×1 Lease Type
4-way Lease Type

6-way Lease Type

8-way Lease Type


   * Piano wire (SWP. A)    * Stainless steel (SUS304)

Surface Treatment
   * Mat hard chromium plated * Hard chomium plated

※Hardness over HV800, Plating thickness over 5μm

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Warping Reeds

Type of Warping Reeds

Adjustable Width Front Reed


Fan-Type Front Reed

V-type Front Reed with Expansion Equipment

Straight Front Reed with Swing Equipment



  • Piano wire (SWP.A) – Stainless steel (SUS304)
  • Surface Treatment 
  • Mat hard chromium plated – Hard chomium plated

※Hardness over HV800, Plating thickness over 5 microns

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Jumbo Reeds for PMC market


  • Precise spacing of Reed Dents according to customer specifications.
  • Use of carefully selected Reed Dents firmly secured with a special epoxy resin.
  • Marking on Dent Steel at regular intervals according to customer requirements.

Dent Material:

Stamped Dents (Stainless Steel)

  1. Quality of fabric is enhanced due to reduced frictional resistance to the warp.
  2. Lateral surface roughness is reduced which partially contributes to the reduction in resistance to the warp.
  3. The rounded cross-sectional shape of the stamped dents further contributes to this reduction in warp resistance.
  4. Smooth surfaces and round edges also reduce the incidence of broken filament.
  5. We guarantee that the reed will withstand maximum clamp pressures of 20-25 Nm.
  6. The reeds are easier to maintain,keep better during storage,and maintain higher quality for longer periods.
  7. Excellent choice for durability and anti-abrasion.
  8. The stamped dents are rust resistant and easier to clean.


  • Total length :    Max. 15,340mm
  • Overall height : Max. 125mm
  • Reed density :  Max. 40/cm
  • Width of dent :  12mm
  • Frame :             Hard Type Alminum Channel

                  F(Width) X H(Height)

                    * 16.5mmX22mm

        (19mm + 3mm Spring coil)

                    * 18mmX20mm

                    * 19mmX20mm

                    * 19mmX25mm

                    * 20mmX25mm                   

                    * 20mmX35mm     


                               Side View of reed


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