Tools & Accessories


We offer spare parts for the spectrum of looms, including:

  • Pick glasses - standard or lighted
  • Reed Hooks
  • Drawing-in Hooks
  • Bobbin Holders
  • Tension Devices
  • Leno devices
  • Magnetic leno
  • Plastic Leno

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Vibration Dampening Pads


  • Great reduction of vibration and structure-borne noise
  • No moving of the machine even though no screws or adhesives are required
  • Oil- and Acid-Resistant
  • Prevents damages to the machine and building
  • Removable - no adhesives or screw holes invloved
  • Reusable
  • Obtainable in thickness 9 mm and 18 mm


  • Machines for the textile industry (weaving-, knitting-, double-rib, plaiting machines)
  • Press and punching machines in many application range
  • General mechnical engineering and metal working machines





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