Paraffin Rolls

Paraffin Rolls

for all machine types:

  • Rieter OE
  • Schlafhorst OE
  • Schlafhorst winders
  • Savio winders
  • Chavis winders
  • Mettler winders
  • Fadis winders
  • Murata winders
  • Volkman

Paraffin Wax Roll Types

Yellow 60/62 10-11 Universal for cotton, wool, synthetic and blended yarns. Particularly suitable for fine yarns (finer than Nm 60) and for cotton/synthetic yarns also with high room temperatures (around 30 °C)*.
Green 59/61 19-20 Suitable for wool, cotton, rayon, viscose as well as blended and dyed yarns.
Particularly suitable when a greater quantity of wax must be applied to the yarn: such as for wool, bleached yarns, etc.*
White 56/58 16-18 Particularly suitable for working directly with the yarn (knitting) after winding.*
Blue 56/58 24-25 Suitable for soft torsion yarns, and weak tension in bleached yarns; not suitable for room temperatures greater than 30°C.*
Red 56/58 22-25 Water soluble: for yarns that will then be dyed or bleached at finishing.**
Purple 60/62 22-25 Water soluble: for yarns that will then be dyed or bleached at finishing. For room temperatures greater than 25°C.**
Parasol E/3 Special 61/63 10-11 Water soluble: for fine yarns, cotton, synthetic fibres and blended yarns. For very high room temperatures (30-33°C).**

* These waxes are water soluble by adding emulsifying agents during finishing.
** These waxes are directly water soluble due to emulsifier contained in the wax.


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