Yarn Processing

We offer components for both Open-End and Ring Spinning machines of all types such as navels, rotors, spindles, grippers, bobbin holders, transport tapes, etc., as well as a wide range of spare parts for various types of winders.



  • Navels and Rotors
  • Ring Spinning Spare Parts
  • Open End Spare Parts
  • Parrafin Wax Rolls
  • Ring and Spindle Centering Device
  • Spindles and Bottom Rolls
  • Cots and Aprons
  • Drafting Systems
  • Fluff Pickers
  • Sliver Cans and Castors
  • Testing and Quality Control 



  • Parrafin Wax Rolls
  • Winder Spare Parts


Explore Our Spinning and Winding Categories Below:

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