Spindles and Bottom Rolls


We provide roller bearing spindles for cotton and worsted ring spinning machines.  

Our spindles and bolsters were developed with the goal of satisfying the increasing demand for these parts from end-users.

They are handcrafted using the latest technology, featuring very good performances and competitive prices.

They can be supplied in small series and for different applications, such as:

  • Traditional yarns
  • Fancy and twisted yarns
  • Carded and semi-worsted yarns
  • Self-acting yarns
  • Marzoli, Cognetex, Gauino, Zinser, Toyoda, PAFA, Bigagli

Contact us today to discuss matching our spindles according to your sample or drawing.




Bottom Rolls

We provide bottom rolls for textile machines with straight and helical fluted profile and knurls as well maximum length is 800 mm and the range of diameter from 25 - 45 mm.

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