Nonwoven Testing

Spin Finish : ALFA 500

Spin finish level determination (OPU%), based on the extraction method - ppm of carbon particles

  • Measurement per sample only 3 minutes
  • Automatic measurement of 28 samples
  • Dissolvent is hot deionized water – no harmful chemicals


Spin Finish : NMR

Spin finish level determination (OPU%), based on the NMR method

  • Fast measurement – a few seconds per sample
  • Solvent free analysis
  • Special unbreakable sample tubes for fast and safe sample loading
  • The spin finish content may be analyzed with the   weighless method or the weighing method  

Spin Finish : Oil Extraction 

Manual apparatus to determine oil content of fibers, yarn and nonwovens

Digital temperature controller reaches the required set points in about 15 minutes


Liquid Strike Through : LISTER AC

Liquid strike through test according to EDANA/INDA WSP 70.3 (former ERT 150), (ISO 9073-8) and WSP 70.7 (former ERT 153), (ISO 9073-13) is automated measuring penetration properties.

  • Easy handling
  • Fast measurement


Re-Wet : Wetback Tester

Measuring rewet properties according to EDANA/INDA WSP 80.10 (former ERT 151) and WSP 70.8 (former ERT 154) and ISO 9073-14 – with reliable comparability of test conditions   

  • Best possible repeatability of the test procedure and therefore objectiveness
  • Comparability
  • Automated test routine without operator influence
  • Prepared for the use in combination with LISTER


Run Off Tester

Runoff test in accordance to  EDANA/INDA WSP 80.9 (ERT152.2). for standardized and reproducible characterization of the run-off properties.


Spray Impact Tester

Test Stand for measuring Spray Impact on woven and nonwoven fabrics.  According to AATCC and INDA standards.


Online Inspection : NIS 200

Automatic inspection system for both the aesthetic appearance and physical defects, for sorting and process monitoring; an important and beneficial tool for quality control and process control

  • Detection of physical defects such as thin spots, spills, streaks, wrinkles, holes, folds, homogeneity, optical density, cloudiness etc.
  • Detection of aesthetic defects such as mosquitos, contamination, colour spots, colour shades, printing defects etc.
  • Permanently monitors the production process for drifts of optical density, variance of fibre deposition homogeneity, of cloudiness and streaks
  • Strictly modular system with a variety of illuminations, camera systems and software modules yielding in adaptability to the vast variety of nonwoven products
  • Applicable also for technical, textile and automotive fabrics as well as for glass fabrics and composite fabrics


Capillary Rise : CAP100

The fluid handling of nonwoven and woven materials for hygienic and other applications involving fluids has a major impact on the functionality of the end product. A detailed analysis of the capillary properties of the material gives essential feedback for purposes of product- and process optimisation.

EDANA  10.3.99 and  ISO 9073-6


Online Fiber Orientation : NOS 200

Determination of the fiber orientation along and across the machine direction of nonwoven webs   

  • The MD:CD ratio gives information about the strength of the web
  • Non-destructive measurement
  • Yields information about product homogeneity and production irregularities
  • Easy and safe operation
  • Also available as laboratory equipment


Flushability : FLUSH 100

Automatic testing of the flushability characteristics of nonwoven products

  • Automatic measurement
  • Tests up to four samples simultaneously
  • Easy operation
  • User-defined number of sample rotations
  • One sievebox with one set of sieve screens included


Flushability : Slosh Box 100

Automatic testing of the flushability characteristics of nonwoven products

  • Automatic measurement
  • According to INDA/EDANA guidelines FG502
  • Tests up to three samples simultaneously
  • Easy operation
  • User-defined number of sample oscillations
  • Adjustable oscillation speed
  • One standard set of sieve screens included


Water Permeability : GE-TE-FLOW

Fully automatic, computer-controlled instrument for testing the water permeability of geotextiles, fleeces and related materials

  • Conforms to EN ISO 11058
  • Falling head method, using two-cylinder-system and pressure sensor
  • Ideal for quality assurance tests and dependable routine inspections
  • Fully automatic instrument control and data acquisition at optimized time intervals by PC and Windows® software
  • Automatic display of the VIH50 index value acc. to EN ISO 11058


Pore Size : GT1200

Standardized testing of the characteristic opening size of geotextiles

  • Automated measurement
  • Standardized according to EN ISO 12956
  • Objective and reproducible testing
  • Easy handling


Thickness : RAINBOW

Thickness measurement of textiles, tissue, paper and plastic materials

  • Digital precision measurement
  • High reproducibility
  • Easy operation
  • Measurement method complies to DIN EN ISO5084, replacement for DIN EN ISO 53855-1:1993-08

Technical Data:

  • Gauge: digital, with interface RS 232
  • Measuring range: 0 ... 10 mm
  • Scale value: 0.01 mm
  • Overhang: 160 mm
  • Pressure foot: (2000 ± 20) mm²
  • Specific measuring pressure: (1 ± 0.01) kPa;  (0.1 ± 0.001) kPa


See the source image

Thickness : VDM01

Thickness measurement of fleece, tissue, paper and plastic materials

  • Digital precision measurement
  • High reproducibility
  • Easy operation
  • Measurements also in the wet state of the specimen
  • The fiber structure of the sample is maintained
  • Vertical sample positioning means the sample weight does not influence the result
  • Measurement method complies to DIN EN ISO 9073-2, EDANA 30.5-99 and DIN EN ISO 54540


Light Boxes

For the visual inspection of color under international standard lighting conditions

Cabinet with 4 lights:

  • D65 - flourescent - temp. 6500K
  • TL84/P15 - point of sale - temp. 4000K
  • F - filament - temp. 2700K
  • UVB - ultra violet - temp. 365 n-meter

Forced Hot Air Ovens

Professional forced ventilation and natural air convection oven

  • Ideal for all thermostatic applications where a  specific precision is needed
  • Temperature range up to 280°C
  • Available in 7 different sizes

Solar Box

Radiant energy in the Solar Box is provided by a single air-cooled Xenon lamp

Stamping Presses

of all types and sizes.  Manual, hydraulic, etc.

Pressure: 25 tons

Cutting Area: 500mm


Schwenkarmstanze SAS 500 gebraucht

Cutting Dies

Punching dies of all shapes and sizes are available depending on each customers individual needs.



Cutting Boards

Can be delivered in many shapes and sizes
Thickness: 5 or 10mm
Colors:  White, light grey, and natural colors


Circular Cutting Systems & Blades

- Can be executed as a smooth cut, serrated cut or wave cut

- Standard cutting angle: 30 ° / 45 ° / 60 °

Outside ∅ (mm) Inside ∅ (mm) Thickness (mm) for Holder Width
77   17 / 19 / 22 5.2 9.0
100 17 / 19 / 22 5.2 9.0
77 17 / 19 / 22 6.35 12.7 / 15.0
100 17 / 19 / 22 6.35 12.7 / 15.0
Quetschmesser mit und ohne Halter

Circular Blade Cutting Systems 


Our cutting modules are manufactured according to customer requirements and delivered in different versions. We generally differentiate between edge cutting modules and cutting modules. Edge cutting modules only have two cutting units in contrast to cutting modules that can have any number of knives.

It can be cut with squeeze knives, ultrasonic sonotrodes or hot-cut pistons.

We manufacture the modules so that they e.g. can be integrated into existing machines such as goods inspection machines or behind stenter frames. Edge removal is optional.





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