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SpinCleaner SC 1

SpinCleaner SC 1: Excellent at removing fiber debris

Cleanliness in the spinning mill ensures consistently high yarn quality. With the SpinCleaner SC 1 fibre debris catcher from R+F, you can quickly and easily remove disruptive fibre accumulations on spinning machines. Machine damage is effectively prevented and the yarn quality stays at a consistently high level. The robust design of the device is optimised for use in spinning processes. It can even survive falls and is virtually maintenance-free. The extremely resilient mechanical components and particularly wear-resistant materials guarantee longevity, even in continuous operation.

The development and design of the SpinCleaner SC 1 fibre debris catcher focused on easy handling, lightweight construction and easy servicing. All individual parts are easily replaceable. The spindle flywheel is located in the housing and cannot interfere with the operation of the device. All wear parts can be ordered as spare parts.

Efficient cleaning of your spinning machines with the SpinCleaner SC 1 – added quality for your yarns.

SpinCleaner SC 1 is characterised by

  • Operational reliability
  • The highest quality components
  • Long life cycle
  • Ergonomics
  • Repair friendliness

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