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C-shaped Traveller

Product Range


The diffusion treated Travellers are then brought for a special treatment known as chemical diffusion treatment. In this treatment chemical substances penetrate deep in to the base material of the traveller, which enriches the total quality of the traveller.

  • Can be used for running-in.
  • Has better elongation for easy insertion.
  • Aids in fibre protection.

Sapphire Plus

Special Diffusion Treated Traveller

  • Quicker settling time for the traveller.
  • Possibilities of going for higher speeds
  • Increased life compared to Sapphire
  • Can be used for running-in as well.
  • Best for compact spinning. Start up breaks are significantly less & improved life.


Hi-Tech Travellers are Nickel coated Travellers added with special alloying elements. Its advantages are

  • Excellent heat dissipation.
  • Better gliding properties.
  • Possible to go for higher speeds.
  • Lesser traveller burn-out.
  • Longer life.


Maxima Travellers are manufactured using a special hardening process for obtaining a better grain structure. Uniformly coated frictionless coating with better Thermal transfer alloy helps in achieving.

  • Better heat dissipation.
  • Low roughness values.
  • Smoother yarn passage.
  • Lesser yarn breaks.
  • Increased wear resistance leading to more Traveller life.


Improved surface finish for optimum friction

  • Reduced friction values
  • Less burn out helps less wear
  • Low roughness value
  • Smoother surface finish helps for excellent gliding property
  • Longer life


Special process for achieving best micro structure

  • Excellent gliding properties
  • Extra-long life traveller
  • Best wear resistance
  • Consistent performance during the life time

Express Plus

Unique surface texture with fine grain size

  • Quick settling
  • Better lubrication property
  • Less heat generation
  • Excellent Life



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