PPE Products

We offer face mask and hand sanitizer in diferent quantities.'


Reuseable Masks

3-ply cotton face mask.
Reusable, machine wash 15 times.
Soft cotton fabric touches the skin.
Soft, exposed elastic wrap around ears.
Molds to face.
Finished with antimicrobial chemistry including copper and 
Body of mask composed with 100% natural cotton.

4 oz jersey fabric
1/4 inch soft, exposed elastic ear loops (Relaxed 3.5 inches, extended 4.75 inches 35%)

Color:             Black or White

Packaging:    Packs of 5, 10 or 50 piecs



Single Use Disposable Masks

Single Ply Face Mask

100% cotton disposable face mask

Dual Ear hole design to fit most faces

Innovative, self serve packaging design

Lowest cost per unit in the market

No-sew design that covers your nose and mouth

Easy to use

Soft on the skin


50 masks per box or resealable pouch




Hand Sanit izer Eis an 80%ethyl alcohol-based hand sanitizer for hand hygiene use in areas where soap and water are not readily available. This product is formulated to the requirements of the FDA and manufactured in an FDA approved facility. It's a thin liquid type sanitizer that may be dispensed with pump mist spray bottles or hand soap type dispensers

Product Properties
COLOR: CLEAR LIQUID                      ODOR: ALCOHOL
FOAM: NO FOAM                                 RINSING: NONE
DRIESNON-TACKY                               APPLICATION: SPRAY/PUMP

1 Gallon Hand Sanitizer

Packaging:  4 gallons per case

Hand Pump


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